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Furniture Cleaning A to Z






Upholstery Cleaning for All Furniture Types

Try as you may to protect your furniture, whether you have a house full of kids and animals or it’s just you alone, spills and stains are inevitable. And even if you are careful and manage to avoid big disasters and small spills, cleaning furniture thoroughly is an important task that many people forget about. In fact, you may not even realize how much bacteria and allergens have built up in your upholstery — and which could even be contributing negatively toward your health.
Because of all this, it’s crucial that you make sure to clean your couches and other furniture thoroughly and regularly. Professional upholstery cleanings are the best way to eradicate bacteria and allergens, but proper maintenance in between cleanings is also essential. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about furniture and upholstery cleaning for each type of furniture.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Fabric Sofa?

There are a few different ways to tackle a fabric sofa, some are things that you should do regularly, and some at larger intervals or when a spill occurs:
  • Dry brush
Sometimes removing dirt and crumbs can be as simple as using a dry brush to loosen and sweep it off. Be sure to lay down something to catch the debris, or vacuum after.
  • Vacuum
A vacuum also works wonders on a fabric couch. Without having to get into water and water-based solutions, you can utilize a hand-held vacuum to clean and get into the nooks and crannies.
  • Wash covers
The benefit of some fabric furniture is that it has covers that you can simply unzip and wash in a regular machine. If yours has these covers, be sure to check for the specific washing instructions for that material.
  • Use baking soda
Sprinkling baking soda over a fabric couch can be a great way to remove odors and loosen stains, before vacuuming it up. You can also create a solution for a deeper clean or spot clean, with equal parts baking soda and water. Take care using baking soda on some upholstered surfaces like microfiber and leather.
Learn more about professional fabric upholstery cleaning techniques as well as how Chem-Dry can help both protect and clean, visit our upholstery cleaning page on the subject.

How to Maintain Leather Furniture

Many people love the durability of leather furniture, as well as the perception that it is easy to clean. However, a great deal of attention is required when you have leather furniture, as many of the most common upholstery cleaning products will break down leather finishes and could cause permanent damage. Here are some tips for maintaining leather furniture:
  • Wipe up spills as quickly as possible
Be sure to use towels or cloths that are soft and absorbent to lessen the potential for scratching the leather.

  • Keep it away from sunlight and ventilation
Placement of your leather furniture is more important than you think. Things such as sunlight or being placed directly next to an air-conditioning vent can age the leather much quicker.
The only way to ensure that your leather is treated properly and protected from damage is to get it professionally cleaned. Learn more about leather cleaning and restoration, and use our franchise locator to find a specialist team near you.

Uphoslery Cleaning The Natural Way

Chem-Dry professional Upholstery Cleaning Technician
Whatever the nature of your furniture, Chem-Dry can help to deep clean, restore, and protect your furniture against future damage. And we do it completely naturally. Our process is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals that are used in many other cleaning products and processes. What is more, we are able to remove 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne bacteria from upholstery, which in turn improves indoor air quality and has a subsequent benefit to your overall health.
Watch this video which demonstrates the effectiveness of our Upholstery Cleaning process:

We have many different carpet and upholstery cleaning packages, so browse to see which may be best for you, and use our franchise locator to find a Chem-Dry near you and get started on cleaning and protecting your furniture for years to come.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

According to the ASPCA, around 6.5 million animals enter US animal shelters every single year — about 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats. That’s a lot of pets that need a home. And while many people think that there are only two ways to get pets — either from a breeder or a store — often the best option for both the pet and owner is to go through a shelter.
Awareness of the importance of adopting pets from shelters has certainly grown in recent years, but many people still do not know the reasons behind the pressure to adopt, rather than “shop” for an animal. So why is pet adoption so important? Here are just a few reasons to adopt a pet:

1. You can save lives.

As well as the fact that there are millions of pets that enter shelters every year, the ASPCA estimates that around 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year. Though this number — just like the overall number of abandoned pets — has been declining since 2011, it still represents millions of animals that need a home in order to live. And since 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year, there is still plenty of room for growth. If you are able and considering adopting, now is the time!

2. You can save money.

Compared with a breeder or other avenue, adoption is usually the most affordable option for getting a new pet. There is usually an adoption fee, but this will often include the animal having already been treated or vaccinated for regular things such as fleas and rabies respectively. They also have often already been spayed or neutered, and may even have a microchip already.

3. You probably won’t have to house train it.

As well as the benefits of saving money on initial routine vet visits, you will likely also save the time and money associated with training
your pet. Many older shelter dogs have already been house trained, so you can spare yourself the headache.

4. You can help protect animals.

Adoption is the best way to fight against programs that are incredibly harmful to animals, such as puppy mills. Many of the animals that come from pet stores come from places like this, to the detriment of the animals’ health and general well being. Adopting from a shelter guarantees that you will be rescuing a healthy animal, without supporting these kinds of places.

5. Because it’ll make you feel good!

Aside from all of the regular benefits of owning an animal, such as companionship and emotional support, you get an extra boost from doing the right thing and saving an animal that needs your help. As far as endorphins go, it doesn’t get better than that!
Despite all of these reasons, there are still many myths surrounding pet adoption. Adopting a pet from a shelter does not mean that it will be old or badly behaved, or in any way worse than a pet from any other avenue — and it may in fact be healthier. You can read this article to see the truth behind many common pet adoption myths.
If you are not in a position to adopt an animal right now, there are still ways in which you can support shelters. Local shelters need all the financial support they can get.
You can also support rescue pet adoption through Cleaning for the PAWS, Chem-Dry’s initiative to support rescue shelters across the United States. We have partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to raise funds and awareness for shelter pet adoption. You can learn more about these initiatives, and donate at the link below:

Donate to Best Friends Animal Society Today!

We help animals because they cannot help themselves. Whatever you can do to support local shelters will certainly make a difference for those animals — and it may end up helping you just as much.

For more information, visit Carpet Cleaning Burleson.